Best Legal Insurance Germany [2024 English]

Best Legal Insurance Germany [2024 English] What is Legal Insurance?

German Legal system is different, and your experience as a new resident in Germany can be a little stressful. It often happens that you can have misunderstandings or disagreements with tax authorities, landlords, neighbours, employers or in any other accidents. In such cases, hiring a lawyer and court costs can be heavy on your pocket. Therefore, having legal insurance is necessary.

Legal assistance insurance (Rechtsschutzversicherung) helps you protect the rights and allows you to appeal without spending your money, no matter if you win or lose.

Situations Covered by Legal Insurance

In Germany, the four most common Legal Insurances available are private, professional, traffic offence and renters insurance and additionally if you own a house, then you need a Landlord Legal Insurance.

Private Component

This includes covering the legal costs involved in cases like:

  • Dispute with the purchase or private contracts with service providers.
  • Legal action against unfairly denied access to your dream study programme.
  • Matters concerning inheritance law and marriage disputes.
  • Internet Copyright Infringement (illegally downloading music, pictures, or films from the internet).
  • Any matter involving administrative authority or finance authorities over taxes.

Professional Component

Covers legal costs involved in:

  • Unfair pay in comparison to others or case of a dispute with your employer
  • Disputes with your employer over termination, warnings, or unfair assessments.
  • Termination advises with a lawyer in case you want employment to end by mutual agreement.
  • If your employer files for bankruptcy, the cost incurred to discuss with a lawyer regarding the outstanding payments.

Traffic Component

Covers costs incurred in situations like:

  • A damaged car or a person inside your car becomes injured in an accident, then you can make a legal claim against the other party.
  • A dispute with the authorities regarding a traffic incident.
  • Legal consent because someone accused you of not parking your car at a proper place.
  • Any legal disputes related to driving a rental car.
  • Contract and property law, in case any workshop has repaired your car incorrectly.
  • A criminal defence, if you are accused of negligence and needs help with defending yourself.
  • Objecting if the taxes on your newly purchased car seem too high.
  • Support from a lawyer if you have a dispute with the traffic authorities.

Renters Component

Insures the following:

  • Legal protection in the event of a dispute with the landlord
  • An increase in the rent unjustifiably or bills the ancillary costs incorrectly.
  • The landlord denies returning the rental deposit.
  • Threatening to terminate the contract for personal use.
  • Your landlord demands compensation for repair while accusing you of not having handed over the rental property in proper condition.
  • Any legal assistance required in case of a dispute with neighbours or property managers.

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EXAMPLE Scenarios

Scenario 1: Suppose you have an issue with your Employer for firing your from your job for some vague reason and looking for some Legal consultation , your insurance will provide you support in handling cases filing against your employer and help you in receiving the right compensation. 

Scenario 2: Suppose you were living in a furnished rented house, and after you move out, the owner refuses to return you the money. He falsely claims that you have damaged his/her property, whereas you have not. In such a case, legal insurance can help you.

Points to consider while taking Online

With every insurance, there are certain things that you must know. The same is true for legal insurances. When you purchase, please note:

  • When it comes to legal insurance, most providers will have to wait for some services. Three months of waiting duration applies for housing, property protection, administrative protection, one-time development, resident taxes, expropriation, plan approval and land consolidation proceedings. Also, six months of waiting periods apply to legal protection for clients. Only then is your insurance cover fully active.
  • Legal cases in the context of self-employed activities or freelance are not covered. You need an additional Insurance for it. 
  • Already occurred incidents (or) Existing Disputes are generally not insurable.
  • Deliberate offences such as bodily injury, fraud and insult are generally not covered by the insurance.

Is my Family Insured?

Legal insurance can be covered for the whole family, when you take the family package. If you opt for Family Tarif, then the whole family including Kids are insured under the same plan. Its not required to take Individual Insurance for the family members

How to Report?

First foremeost steps to be done before proceeding.

  • Contact the Insurance HOTLINE.
  • Explain the issue and choose the lawyer.
  • Based on your Insurance package, your Insurance company pays the amount to lawyer

Comparison of Legal Insurances Germany

We are comparing here the offers by the best insurance providers in Germany. All of these guarantees good values, available at a nominal price, and you can buy them online.

1. Getsafe

Get Safe provides services and customer care in the English Language.

  • ✅ They provide a 24/7 free legal hotline number for counselling/help.
  • ✅ They have an English-speaking customer support team that makes your life easy.
  • ✅ unlimited cover for legal costs and a free initial consultation with a lawyer.
  • ✅ The insurance is not for a fixed duration, and you are free to cancel it at any time.
  • ✅ you can also get your partner insured. Your minor/unmarried children are included
Source: Get Safe
2. Adam Riese

Legal insurance at Adam Riese starts at as low as €15.27 per month

  • ✅ You can take free legal advice from their experts over a phone call.
  • ✅They also provide legal protection against damage worldwide.
  • ✅ provide a waiver after three years in case of no claim.
  • ✅ Also, with them, you are free to choose your lawyer after informing them beforehand.


There are certain companies that offer a discount when you purchase multiple insurances together. So, if you plan to take Liability insurance, Legal insurance, and Household insurance together, do check if the provider offers a discount.


There are thousands of options available in the market, but we always recommend you to read the conditions before choosing the right Insurance. Some Insurance includes the 150 Euros deductible on every claim, which is generally overseen. If you are facing difficulties in understanding the Insurance conditions in German Langauge, you can visit the consultant and get them clarified personally and there are options if you take it as a Combo Package, you receive a special discount through them.


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We want to be transparent with you. This article contains affiliate links, which means that when you click on them, we may receive a small bonus. Rest assured, this will not affect the price for you. Instead, it enables our dedicated Vanakkam Germany Team to continue delivering valuable content and improving our services. Your support is greatly appreciated as we strive to serve you better.

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