Best Internet providers in Germany – Are there cheaper options?

So, I assume you’re done with setting up your electricity. What next? Let’s thing about that later, for now let’s just scroll through Instagram and check out some reels. Oh, wait! You don’t have the internet for it! Yes, you get my point. In today’s blog, we’ll be looking into the top DSL providers in Germany and how beneficial are they compared to each other.   

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Why choose a DSL provider in Germany?

In Germany, there are various modes to gain access to the internet, such as DSL, cable, Optical fibre, LTE and satellites. Among these options, DSL is vastly used internet connection in Germany. This system makes use of copper telephone lines already installed in most German homes. There are high chances of your internet speed to not slow down during peak hours and the biggest advantage is you will not be sharing your connection with your neighbours.

Comparison of Internet Service providers




Deutsche Telekom 


Price (Euros) 

Starts from 29.99  

Starts from 29.99  

Starts from 24.99 

Starts from 34.95 

Starts from 13.99  

Internet Speed (for starter packs)   

16 Mbit/s download and up to 1 Mbit/s upload 

50 Mbit/s download and up to 5 Mbit/s upload 

250 Mbit/s download and up to 40 Mbit/s upload 

16Mbit/s download and up to 2.4 Mbit/s upload 

20 Mbit/s download and up to 2.5 Mbit/s upload 

German Land Line 






Discounts variable 

First 6-10 months are free 

First 6 months are free 

In the first 12 months, rates are cheaper and people under the age of 28 are eligible for a discount 


Cheaper rate in the first 6 months and discount for people under the age of 28 


Contract Duration 


24 months  

24 months 

24 months 

24 months 

24 months  

Phone/TVs/Internet Packages 







Additional Features 

Mobile and internet SIM cards included 


You can use your SIM card to access the internet until your home broadband connection is ready 


HDTV is available 

Sign up for 24 months and get a discounted router.


Internet service provided by cable the fastest 


Obtain a free router 


You won’t go a day without internet 


With your TV cable socket, you can hook up the router and get internet immediately 

Various options to choose from such as DSL, cable, fibre optics, LTE 


High speed internet via glass fiber 


Good prices for DSL contracts  


Very fast internet speed via glass fiber  


Ist combination package is the best to use 



Free wireless router 

Landline with 1 phone number 

Internet line setup process in Germany

  • Find the best internet offer that fits your needs, from the websites we mentioned  
  • Make sure you can receive the offer where you live 
  • Register online, make sure you  choose the correct options and wait for confirmation of your contract 
  • Get your Wi-Fi router, which will take up to 2-4 weeks roughly  
  • Setup will be done by a technician (if applicable) 

Best options to choose from 

  • Recommended for starters  

1&1 offers one of the best internet connection rates in Germany as well as reasonable prices and stable network performance. Any connection includes a good router. It also offers plans without a contract. 

  • For Premium service

Though a bit pricey, telekom is been in the game for a long time now. Their packages are reasonable for the internet speed provided, their terms and conditions are fair as well.  

  • For short term stays  

It is always advisable to go for plans that have no minimum duration in their offer or packages, which means you can discard the plan not immediately when you’re leaving, but provide a cancellation notice 3 months prior. Another option to opt for are dongles, which are available in various plans. 

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How does the payment method work in Germany?

Just like your other bills, your internet service is normally charged monthly, either by bank transfer or direct debit from your bank account. It may be necessary to have a German bank account before setting up the payment. If you don’t have one yet, you can apply for one online. Check out our blog about Opening a Bank Account in Germany.

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What Internet speed do you need in Germany? 

The answer for this totally depends on what you need it for. To brief it up, you will need up to 25Mbit/s of download speed for sending mails, using social media or just accessing the internet. You will need 50-100 Mbit/s download speed for gaming and streaming in 4K. If you require a good streaming quality for a longer period of time and sharing larger files, that will require 150 to 200 Mbit/s download speed.  

Changing your Internet provider in Germany/cancelling a contract

Your only task is to find a new internet service provider. When you switch internet providers, your new provider will handle termination and switchover for you. 

When changing your internet provider, it is best to wait until your current contract is up. When you cancel your current internet contract earlier in Germany, you usually pay a high price. Thus, you should go with an internet contract in Germany without a minimum duration if you want to be flexible. 

In Germany, the Telekommunikationsgesetz(German Telecommunication Act) provides for an initial period of commitment (usually 12 or 24 months) during which you are unable to cancel without penalty. Your contract can be terminated with one month’s notice at any time after the initial term ends.   

Consumers have a special termination right under the German telecommunications act (* 46 TKG Telekommunikationsgesetz) if they leave the country permanently. 

A notice of 3 months notice is expected from the end of the current month. To end your contract, send a notice in writing (preferred by mail) to your operator’s customer service department. 

Check24 or Verivox are good comparison tools. With these tools, you can easily compare the different internet providers available in Germany so that you can determine which one is best suited to your individual needs. 

You can also select whether you need mobile, TV, or landline services when using the tool. You can find out what internet service providers are available in your area by entering your area code (Vorwahl). 

Tips to save some money and chose the right DSL provider

  • Make sure you read the contract and understand the small details, such as internet speed and contract length. 
  • In Germany, most internet plans have a minimum contract term of 2 Years. It is expensive to cancel a contract early. Therefore, you should get an internet contract that does not have a minimum term if you want to remain flexible. 
  • You should remember that the internet package includes a maximum speed, not a guaranteed one. It doesn’t mean that a cable plan and a DSL plan that both have 100 Mbit/s are the same speed. 
  • Occasionally, internet providers will offer time-limited promotions (for example, around Black Friday), keep an eye on those to catch some best offers. 
  • It is always a good idea to check if a particular plan is available at your address before diving into the details. 
  • You can often get discounts if you Bundle your Internet with TV and Phone service, for example. These extra services can be a great deal, but you need to ask yourself if you really need them. 
  • Allow your new internet provider to handle the switch so that the transition is seamless. 
  • In Germany, most of the big internet service providers only offer services in German. English is not available on their websites. But you can translate their websites into English using Chrome.  

I hope you choose the right provider according to your requirements. Happy surfing!  


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We want to be transparent with you. This article contains affiliate links, which means that when you click on them, we may receive a small bonus. Rest assured, this will not affect the price for you. Instead, it enables our dedicated Vanakkam Germany Team to continue delivering valuable content and improving our services. Your support is greatly appreciated as we strive to serve you better.

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