Comparison Household Insurance

by vannakamgermany


Home Content insurance covers everything movable in your house. In other words, imagine turning your house upside down, everything that would fall out, for example, the furniture, kitchen utensils, electronic items or your wear-able are insured by home content insurance. This insurance is necessary in the case of loss of your valuable belongings, theft or substantial damage to your home by a natural calamity like a storm or a flood. Experts for consumer protection and police recommend taking home contents insurance. Especially during vacations and in winters when the cases of burglaries are high. 


Renters don't need insurance: Many renters mistakenly assume that their landlord's insurance policy will cover their personal belongings. However, the landlord's insurance typically covers only the structure of the building and not the tenant's possessions. It is crucial for renters to have their own home contents insurance to protect their belongings from theft, damage, or loss.